The Importance of Pre-Qualification/Pre-Approval

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It is helpful to bring in your mortgage loan professional as soon as possible even before you have started to research neighborhoods. What for? You'll need to know how much home you can afford and that is where we can help out?

We Can Help You Pre-Qualify or Get Pre-Approved FREE of Charge!

We can help you find out the loan amount you can qualify for and the monthly payment amount you can afford by getting you Pre-Qualified. This process outlines your finances - your debts, income, career, and cash available for down payment, among other things. If you are purchasing a home the Pre-Approval will give you an even stronger option. This means you have taken the next step of having your income, assets, and credit score validated by our underwriters.

If you qualify we will give you a Pre-Qualification/Pre-Approval Letter which states that we are confident you can qualify for a loan up to a specific amount with a certain down payment.

Buying Clout

Holding your Pre-Qualification/Pre-Approval letter, a number of advantages are yours once you locate the home you want to put together an offer on. The first, you'll know the amount you'll be able to afford when determining your offer. More important to the existing home owner, your Pre-Qualification/Pre-Approval is like your having walked into their house with a bag full of money to purchase their house! They won't have to be concerned that they have been wasting their time if you don't have the ability to qualify for a mortgage. Your Pre-Qualifying/Pre-Approval for the necessary loan amount backs up your offer. 

Explore Your Options

You can always use the mortgage calculators  on this website to get an idea of how much mortgage you can afford - but it's also important to speak with one of our mortgage professionals to get further details about the various programs available that you may not have considered. We can study your mortgage options together to help you make the right choice. Let's get started: Call us at (303) 650-9400 or APPLY NOW.